My middle A

A is my rock. She’s 2.5 and doesn’t fully realize just how much she is going to carry between her brother and her sister. By all intents and purposes A is typical. She has the full mutation of Fragile X like her brother but none of the harsher effects of it. She required some help with speech but she has now become one of the kids who never stops talking. We still have a little further to go with annunciating our words and throwing more sentences together but in the few months she’s had speech she’s made fantastic progress.

I look at her and I feel bad knowing how grown up she’s gonna have to be. I’m trying to everything I can to prolong her being a kid and making sure she has things that are just hers. She spends a great deal of time in therapist offices and waiting rooms for doctors. She’s good about it now but I know at some point that will stop. It’s not fair and I’m waiting for the day she figures that out. Her 2 siblings are always going to require more so balancing that for her is going to be my challenge.

My hope is that she never feels like she’s left out and that she’s been able to as much as we can let her to do.

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