Today is tuesday and it looks like this.

Wash, rinse and repeat morning routine from Monday. Today A has speech with Miss D from 10:15-11:15 at the house. She loves speech with Miss D. This is something that is totally hers and she enjoys it.

J has a half day and is home by 12:30. He eats lunch, usually consisting of a peanut butter sandwich and then Miss J shows up for ABA. Miss J is his BCBA and he loves her. She’s here til about 3. Than we have about 50 minutes to kill before J has speech at 4:15. We’re home in time for dinner around 5:30. Dinner usually consisting of chicken nuggets, burrito or hot dogs. Hot dogs being for J. Something simple. The evening routine tonight includes a bath but otherwise we wash, rinse and repeat.

Today also included an impromptu blood draw to see what cf mutation I have. We shall see.

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