Wash, rinse, repeat the morning routine. This morning I got up with my alarm. I’m awesome. E slept like normal but at least I got some sleep. We’re still in 2 hour chunks. I keep telling myself we’ll get there. J’s out the house and off to school and I have nothing planned during the day today. Usually Wednesday’s and Friday’s are appointment days if there are any. Today is a rare day without one. Maybe I’ll sit at home. Maybe I’ll go to the store. I think Costco is calling my name. The choices are endless. J has ABA at the clinic after school today from 3:15-5:15. I have to drop him off.

The night routine will be wash, rinse, repeat without a bath. We bathe every other night. Both my kids were blessed with dry skin like me. J gets eczema really bad so water dries it out worse. That kid cannot catch a break.

I like wednesdays til 3, cause they have so much potential to be whatever I want them to be. No scheduled things on the daily. When the weather is nice, which today it is not. It is overcast and about 60, threatening rain. I can take A out to the park or somewhere equally as fun and let her run around. She loves to be outside. It is such a contrast to J. He’ll go but it’s not his favorite. He usually expects his iPad if we leave the house. A likes to just sit out front and draw in chalk on the sidewalk. I think being outside makes her happy. I like to be out of the house too. Especially on nice days wh the sun out. It makes me happier too.

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