Things that go bump in the night, or having a newborn


10:11 pm: E is making an attempt to sleep. She finishes eating and then wiggles. She’s laying in my lap on the nursing pillow while I contemplate moving her to her bed. Will she stay asleep or will we start the whole process over again? Who knows? I am having a humorous quote war with my sister using Pinterest while my battery slowly dies. I’m currently at 2%. Some of them having me laughing so much I’m trying to be quiet and not laugh her off.  Now I’m taking this time to blog about it, because what else am I gonna do right now.

Usually at night I sit in the chair and wait for the moment I can move her and think about the million things buzzing around my brain like angry bees. I play mindless games on my phone and now I blog. As the night goes on, every subsequent time I’m awake with her I’m more tired and half functioning.

I have learned to function on very little sleep. Sleep is a work in progress still with J. I also think A feels left out and has to have a moment at night. I usually pray all 3 are not awake at the same time.

2:10 am: This was a good chunk of sleep. 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I mean, I just won the sleep lottery. I’m really hoping we’re not awake for super long. Sometimes E has a tendency to want to graze and then chat; and then chat and graze. I do not like those chatty nights.

While she eats, I can hear J awake making noises over the monitor. He’s more than likely just sitting in bed, nesting his blankets and pushing the paws on his scout dog. I still have a monitor on him. I honestly don’t know when that will change. He never gets out of bed in the middle of the night. He will literally sit there til he either falls asleep or starts crying. In which case my husband or I go into his room to sort him out. On nights like this when he wakes up “happy”, just chatting to himself, he’ll be up for a few hours. At this point I turn off the sound on the monitor and let him figure it out. I won’t get any sleep otherwise.

Annnnnnnnd…I’ve just been thrown up on. Yes! That is exactly what I wanted at 2:25 am. Now I have to change my shirt and her onesie and we are wide awake. Now we’re just sitting here, hanging out, watching mommy type. The sound of me going “well that’s gross” or “well that’s awesome” one of the two, or maybe I said something else, has awoken my husband. We are all up now. I try to making feeding fast because I want to go back to sleep and I don’t want to wake my husband who has to get up at 5 am. Some mornings are more successful than others. This morning is not one of them.

So now he’s awake and we’re chatting and E is making happy noises sitting in my lap. We clearly will be up for a while.

3:50 am: Fingers crossed.

6:15 am: we are up again and of course my alarm is going to be going off at 6:40. I bring her into bed with me and we chill til my alarm goes off.

We are up now.

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