Wash, rinse and repeat morning routine. I got a 4 hour chunk from E last night, so win there. I have to go to the EFMP office and clinic to drop off paperwork and inquire about some things. J has ESY, extended school year. He is given this so that he does not regress during the summer break. He receives all his school services during ESY. Naturally there is paperwork for the doctor to fill out so he can attend. Immunization records, height, weight that sort of stuff. I also dropped off the prescription page for his dedicated speech device. I have to have a prescription from the doctor to submit to the insurance. This is the start of a 3 month process before he even gets the device. His school has already finished the trial period and he will be getting one through the school, but that device stays with the school when we PCS (permanent change of station) next year. The device through the insurance will be J’s forever. This is important because once you give a nonverbal ASD child a voice you do not want to take that away.

EFMP, exceptional family members program, is a military program the you enroll family members in who require more than just a primary doctor. This allows the military to track your needs as a family so you don’t end up stationed somewhere that cannot provide the services you need. This is really important for J and E.

Our afternoon today is lowkey. J has ABA from 3:15-5:15 and then our evening routine is wash, rinse and repeat with a bath tonight

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