Friday. Yay!! My husband has a 4 day for memorial weekend and in his super awesomeness he let me sleep in. He got up with J, got him ready for school and on the bus. A was even nice to him and slept in. I woke up at 9 with E. I needed the the sleep but it throws the whole day off when I start that late. Good thing today was a lazy day. It’s a balmy 51* and rainy outside. My husband had coffee waiting too.

I’ve been thrown up on by E already and we’re on new outfit #1.

Sometimes it’s nice to not have anything planned. J doesn’t have therapy after school today either. There are no appointments either. Today is an easy day. We’re watching Frozen because that’s what A picked out. I’m cool with it because we don’t watch it ever. Her movies as of late have been “doggies” (secret life of pets), “dory” (finding dory) and anything Elmo. We still like “Mouse” (Mickey Mouse clubhouse) too.

I don’t mind giving her tv time, especially on cold rainy days. She’s active and given the chance wants to be praise rather than in. If it was 15 degrees warmer I might let her out to play in the rain. She loves puddles and mud.

Warm weather can’t get here soon enough. My husband and I are at odds when it comes to temperature. He would prefer that every day be 60 and I would be quite happy if every day were sunny and 75-80. I like not having to layer myself or the kids and we can be outside all the time. My husband overheats quickly so warm weather bothers him.

This weekend is suppose to be partly cloudy and in the low 70’s. We don’t have anything planned. Tomorrow is my husbands birthday. He’s gonna be 35. He doesn’t want anything which is good because he bought his birthday and Father’s Day present about a month ago in the form of a beer pong table. He’ll get cards though. Everybody needs something for their birthday.

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