Saturday and Sunday

Today is my husbands 35th birthday. I’ve been telling him he’s 40 because I find it funny and he’s always complaining of being old. 

J has ABA today from 12:30-2:30 with Miss L. He really loves Miss L. She’s been working with him for over a year. We do ABA on Saturday’s to maintain a minimum of 10 hours of after school ABA and because he has so much going on during the week this was the best solution. It actually is great because J does not do well with a lot of free time and having to entertain himself. It gives him a bit of structure on the weekend. 

It’s memorial weekend and we don’t have anything planned. I’m ok with this because going outside anywhere this weekend will be stupid busy. Plus memorial weekend has a somber undertone to tell you the truth. As my husband and 99% of his friends are in the military, the meaning is especially real. 

Sunday’s are the one day we literally have nothing planned. I usually do 200 loads of laundry and we hang around home. It’s a chill day to end what is uausally a nonstop on the go week. 

So that’s what a week looks like. Sometimes filled with more appointments sometimes like this past week with none. Next week we have E’s appointment and another appointment the following week and one after that. Me and the hospitals are best friends. There are two of them. One for J and one for E. 

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