Trying new things and all that jazz

So I recently started using oils in my house. Diffusing them, making roll ons, and using them in cooking. It’s been very fascinating learning all the different things oils can do. I put diffusers in J’s and A’s room and have been diffusing sleep combinations. I love lavender. I have also been using a roll on for sleep that I put in their feet. I think it makes a difference. It might be a small one, but any difference for the better is always welcome.

 I have been putting an oil called RC on their chests when they have coughs. The last round of congestion we had did not bring a fever with it. It usually does. I don’t know if it was the oil that helped stave it off or if it was just a mild thing, I guess we’ll find out when the next cough hits. These will become super helpful with E. Illness is something we cannot afford for her to get. 

I started trying oils because I was willing to try anything that might help J that was topical. He does not take any med orally and he doesn’t seem to be super bothered by anything topical. I’ve been putting a ln oil called gentle baby on E to hel soothe her at night with the gas. I think that and the windi have made a difference. I’ve only been using them for about a month so I’m still collecting data. 

I also recently purchased a salt therapy machine for E. It’s a machine that releases salt particles into the air that you breathe in. Salt is one of the main issues with cf. This machine is suppose to release these small particles to help thin out the mucous. It was sponsored by the cf foundation. It couldn’t hurt to get her as much support before these get tougher for her. We’ve only had it about a week so we’re still trying it out. 

There is so much I’m still learning and I’m open to trying anything new to help support my kids however I can. My next step is an air purifier in the house. This is mostly to help E and keep the air quality in the house at its highest but it wouldn’t hurt the rest of us either. J’s in preschool and A’s in a playgroup. Kids like to share germs.  I want to give E the best chance to stay as healthy as long as she can. 

I’m aware that everything I try will not work but I won’t know that until I try. And for my kids I will try just about anything if it will help them be better at being themselves. 

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