Being Thankful

I’m thankful for people who understand.

 I’m thankful for the family both near and far. The ones who don’t live it every day, but support us just the same. Always asking how is it going? How are the kids? How was that doctors appointment? What did you find out? Asking me how I’m doing? I usually say fine and I mean it most days. I’m dealing with everything one day at a time. I know I’m surrounded by people who love us and that makes everything better. 

I’m thankful for the close friends I’ve collected along the way. The ones that call and chat with me and the ones I see in person. I’ve met some really awesome people I’ve had to geographically leave behind, but it in no way lessens the friendship. These are the people I choose to be in my family. Some I’ve known almost 30 years the others just a few. I don’t pick my friends lightly.  I depend on each of you for very different reasons. I need you for very different reasons. 

I’m thankful for every Facebook group I’m apart of. Full of people who live it every day. The Autism, Fragile X and Cystic Fibrosis. I find a lot of support from people who live my life. Those people who understand the daily struggles and ups and downs of each particular disease. For them to share a part of their life with me. It makes me feel like I’m not alone on this journey. It’s so important to not feel alone and isolated. 

I’m thankful for my kids. They challenge me every day. They make me a better person. A better mom. They teach me things all the time. They make my life way more interesting. Without them, I would not be who I am at this moment. 

I’m thankful for my husband. Who leaves everyday and works so my kids don’t want for anything. So that I don’t have to worry about their medical. I don’t have to stress about whether the things they need will be available to them. The military is not an easy life. It is not a job, but a lifestyle. If you don’t like it, you don’t get to leave. He continues on this path so that I do not have to worry about these things. That I can focus on our kids and their wellbeing. It makes him one of the strongest people I know. 

I’m thankful for today. I’m thankful That A got to spend time with her friend E. That we got to do something fun with good friends. That E slept in the carrier so A good enjoy her morning with her friend. I’m thankful that my husband had a half day. A shorter day to end a not so good week. I’m glad J had a good day at school. That he was happy when he got off the bus. The little things that I try to notice. Cause in the end every day is full of little things to be thankful for. Because even in a bad day, there are some small rays of thankfulness. 

When you’re faced with things that are outside your control. Things that have the potential to crush you when you look to far ahead, you have to stop and be thankful for each little thing in every day. I found that when I’m looking to far ahead, I’m missing what’s going on now. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the future for our family. So many things, with many different outcomes. I have to keep telling myself one day at a time. Today I’m thankful I had today with all the people in it that make my life better. 

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