Midnight musings at 2 am

Well Sunday night was rough. E did not want sleep. It was about midnight when we finally both fell asleep. On the up side she’s sleeping in her own bed instead of with me. I do not like co sleeping. It’s so uncomfortable for me. I like to move. She’s been in her own bed for two weeks straight. It’s the little things. Now we’re working on duration of sleep. 

She got her 2 month shots today. She handled them well. So far she’s reacted like my other two. Not happy but doing all her normal stuff. No fever. I double checked with her pulminologist and she said to vaccinate on schedule. 

It’s 1:15 am and she’s been asleep since 7:45 pm. To date this is her longest stretch. Probably her vaccinations. I’m hoping for a repeat tomorrow. We shall see. I should have gone to sleep when she fell asleep but even 7:45 is a bit early for me. 

There’s a lot going on this month. Two appointments and a meeting with J’s speech pathologist at school. Monday was E’s 2 month, Wednesday is my meeting, Thursday J has a physical for his ESY packet and Friday we’re meeting A’s friends E and R at the Zoo. Fun and busy week. 

And E just threw up on me. It’s 2. Yay! On me, on herself and on the nursing pillow. 

My husband, E and I are now all awake. She’s happy. Watching the shadows from my cell phone light on the wall. We’re gonna be up for a while. At night she falls asleep nursing. It’s 2:30. 

J’s last day of school is the 22nd. His ESY starts July 7th. For the two week gap we’re gonna attempt potty training. Intensive potty training. With underwear and accidents. Wish us luck. He’ll be 5 in December and he’s a big boy. He’s also incredibly smart and he does well with routines. I’m hoping it sticks. We’ve been doing a slow introduction at school where they take him every hour but it hasn’t really progressed from there. I don’t want to change his diapers anymore. He’s uncooperative and he doesn’t like it. We’ll all be happier if he uses the potty. 

A’s not far behind. Especially if J learns. I’m hoping to have her potty trained around her birthday. I wasn’t about to tackle that with a newborn. There’s enough going on. 

My husband got a new assignment that’s gonna keep us in the area an extra 8 months. I’m happy not happy. I’m glad for J that he’ll get to complete pre k with his school and teachers. I’m glad for A that she’ll get to spend more time with E and C. I’m glad I don’t have to uproot the routine just yet and I’ll get to hang out with a few of my friends longer. I’m glad they’ll have access to the medical here, but I am ready for a change. When I married into the military I knew moving was a part of it. I embraced the adventure. Every 3 years we move. In fact this will be the longest we are in one spot, 3.5 years. Crazy to think that’s the longest so far. 

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