I miss sleep. That solid, uninterrupted 8 hour sleep. Where you wake up rested and refreshed. I haven’t had that since early 2012. When you’re pregnant you pee every 5 seconds so good sleep is evasive. Like your body is preparing you for what’s to come. 

After J was born, obviously a newborn, we shared a room for the first year. My husband had deployed so we went to live with my parents for the year so I had some support. J had his crib, well actually my old crib. I’m pretty sure this crib is not up to code anymore, but I survived in it and so did J. Kinda cool to be able to tell him we shared the same crib. His sleep gradually got better but never fully. He’s 4.5 now and though he sleeps much better than he did, he still wakes periodically. A lot of autistic kids have trouble with sleep in some form. 

A was a terrible sleeper the first year but now she’s my best sleeper. She rarely wakes up. It was bad when she and J would get up in the same night. It’s worse now with all 3. 

E is following suit with sleep. I’m hoping she gets better sooner than the other 2. I don’t know what I’d do with 8 straight hours. Probably be tired. 

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