When mom gets sick

What happens when mom gets sick? Nothing. Mom gets sick. Because the house and life don’t stop when mom gets sick. I look at people sideways when they suggest a nap. I’d rather take a shower. 

Right now I feel like I got punched in the face with an allergy fist and now my face is swollen. There’s little white fluffy seeds of death floating around outside laughing at me while I try to dodge them. It’s been a while since I felt this terrible. Now I will say that my sister, who is visiting and my husband have been reminding me to take stuff to help. I generally do not. I hate taking medications. I’m lucky to remember to take my thyroid medication. Which is important by the way. I can’t take anything with it, so remembering to take other things gets lost sometimes. 

Getting sick now also comes with new issues. I’m nursing my 2 month old with cf. And I have to breathe. I’m trying not to breathe on her but it’s hard. I need to invest in masks, so when I’m sick there’s a barrier. It’s a whole new added level of wtf when I get sick. I mean what else do you do? Pretty sure it’s just allergies but I’ve been know to get bronchitis and upper realities infections like a boss. Naturally both are lung related which is a no-no in the cf world. I am incredibly thankful that she’s not an aggressive cfer. That hers is milder. It by no means negates the fact that she has cystic fibrosis, but it gives me some leeway with it. I really don’t want to breathe on her. Both big kids have runny noses too. I also should mention that on Monday it was barely 50* and raining and by Sunday it’s gonna be 90*. This is not helpful. 

So now I’m sitting here at 3:10 in the morning typing this blog while E nurses trying not to fall asleep. So far the night started out a bit better about 4.5 hours or so, I think, of sleep. That’s a good start. Hopefully she sleeps until 6:30 now so I can get another 3 hours in before the alarm goes off to get J up and ready for school. Plus A has a friend date at the Zoo. It’s suppose to rain. Please no rain. Pretty please. 

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