Essential oils

I’ve been using essential oils for a few months now. I initially went to a “party” at a fellow spouses house to find out more about them. I had been curious for a while because of J. He doesn’t take meds and I was willing to give anything a try that might help him when he’s sick. This is even more important now with E. 

I’ve been diffusing blends in their rooms and I don’t know that it’s helping with J’s sleep per se but he’s definitely calmer and easier to handle when he wakes up. Plus I love lavender. It’s so calming. They also have suggested blends for colds and coughs. One in particular, a blend you can buy, RC, I think has been helpful. Both J and A have had coughs and/or runny noses twice since E was born. No fevers. It’s never passed the initial ick stage and then goes away. I’ve been putting RC in their diffusers as well as Roll ons on them. I think that’s helped stop it before it’s gotten worse. Knock on wood, E hasn’t caught anything. I also like that it smells good and it’s not the fake smell of candles or plug ins. Oils last longer too and never expire which is a plus. 

I made a roller for joint pain for my sister which she says helps. Peppermint for headaches is awesome. I consider the oils extra support. I’ve been putting the lemon oil in my water. I’m still exploring. Recently I’ve been diffusing stress away, thieves and purification together and joy. Not all at once but on different days depending my need. I can’t wait to learn more. 

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