Toilet training J

J will be 5 in December. J is not a small boy. He is 50lbs and 45in tall. He’s still in diapers. Recently this has started to become an issue. He doesn’t like getting his diaper changed. He kicks. He kicks hard. Plus finding diapers that fit is tough. 

Toilet training takes on a whole new level when your child has autism. For J you cannot simply ask him if he needs to potty. He has no way to truly communicate this to you. It has to be routine for him and learning a routine isn’t as simple as it seems. I know he knows this stuff. I also know that his brain and his body do not communicate. J’s BCBA (board certified behavioral analyst), is going to start an intensive program when he breaks for summer. Fingers crossed. He needs to be able to have access to a restroom. We’re lucky in the house we’re living now, that we have a half bath downstairs but that won’t always be the case. J isn’t 100% safe on stairs without supervision. He also just leaned in the last 7 months how to turn a doorknob. Another good skill. He’s been working on pants up and down and is getting really good with it. He still has to be asked to do it though. He has a bathroom routine that includes washing hands. He needs assistance with this as well. It’s called hand over hand. He’s also just received his communication device from the school. This will help streamline his voice so hopefully he can “tell” is he has to potty. These are important tools that people often take for granted when they’re kids can verbally communicate their needs to you. This is why toilet training takes longer with kids like J. Forget adding an sensory needs they may have. That adds a whole other level of crazy. Textures, colors, noise, etc can cause any number of things and can make any task take ten times longer. 

Hurdles. Everything is a hurdle. I just have to make it over the next one. At this moment, it’s the toilet. 

Seriously. Wish me luck. 

7 thoughts on “Toilet training J

      1. Well M is verbal, and he was four when he finally learned. What worked for us was dinosaur stickers, he knows basically every dinosaur that ever existed plus eating habits, how large, and everything else about them, so that worked for us. He had no interest in going with everything else we tried (even treats) I am very lax with potty training in general and having all boys I expected them to take longer. My oldest was potty trained at 2, and my youngest knows how to go, and is ALMOST there, so I’m hoping within the next few months he will be fully trained.

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      2. That’s what’s been hard with J. He’s nonverbal so that’s the biggest barrier plus he hasn’t shown any interest but it’s to the point where he needs to be for our safety (lol) and his comfort. Our daughter who is 2.5 I think will want to potty train while we try with J

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  1. I completely admire you. When M was very little he just spoke his own language that really didn’t make sense and he could hardly ever tell us what he needed. You’re doing great. Just know if you ever need to vent I’ll lend an ear. ❤️

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