My Plexus Journey

So I tried plexus for the first time last year. My Facebook pages was being blown up by people I know trying it out and selling it. I decided to do some research on it. Not everything is for everyone. Last year when I tried it for the first time I did not find what I was looking for. I think it was the wrong time. I wasn’t in the right head space to commit to something for myself. I often find in the craziness of my life, I push myself aside for one reason or another. A needs this. J needs that. E is a baby, so she needs everything. It’s hard to find perspective when you see yourself as a last priority. After getting E’s diagnosis I realized that life can be very short. That I need to be at my very best so that I can be the very best for my family. 

I have just started on the plexus path again. I had so many reservations because of E. Since I am breastfeeding her and what I take can be transferred to her, was it safe? The products are good for you. They’re there to help your gut health, balance your sugars but what would that look like for E. E is lucky. She is not pancreatic insufficient. She gains weight and is as healthy as she can be. But some of the products are tailored to help you with getting to a healthy weight. I want E to gain weight. I need her too. I’ve talked with other cf moms who do plexus. Ones whose children have a more aggressive cf conditions. But their children are older. I’ve asked about probiotics. The general consensus is that majority of cf children take a probiotic. Awesome. 

I love what the slim does for me. It makes me feel patient. I find that I don’t stress and scatter like I used to. When J wakes up screaming at 2 am, I can assess and address without losing my patience and getting upset with him. It’s 2 am and I’m tired, but I don’t feel as exhausted. I am able to deal with what’s bothering him without letting my tiredness show. This makes my heart happy. 

The probiotic was a bit more difficult this time. It’s there to kill off the bad bacteria in your gut. This is a good thing. But E already has issues with digestion. She’s gassy. Very gassy. J was gassy too but E takes it to a whole new level. I am constantly doing bicycle kicks on her at night to work the gas out. The probiotic made her extremely unhappy. She was not sleeping. In the first few weeks, as my friend B explained to me, your stomach can hurt a bit because of the candida die off. As an adult I can handle this. It’s uncomfortable but not unbearable. E’s only outlet is crying. I had dial back my dose of the probiotic to make it easier for her. As her digestion gets better and she starts solids I’ll ramp it back up again. Plus as she gets older start her on the probiotic as well. The things I put in her I have to check and double check because cf is not something to take lightly, even if her form is milder than others. 

My awesome J. I would love to get J on the probiotic but I’m still working out how to get it in him. I’ve been reading some fascinating articles about autism and gut health. About how they’re connected.  Stay tuned on that. 

I think I will ask about A. She’s only 2.5, so doses are going to be different. She’s good about taking things and I can hide things in food with her. Maybe I’ll even force my husband to start taking plexus. I wanted to try it first so that I could explain to him what it’s done for me. That helps him understand better. I’m still working on the oils. I think he would benefit greatly from the probiotic. 

As I begin again, I’m learning all the things that are great about plexus. About taking care of your insides so it shows on your outsides. Felling better. It’s never to soon to start taking care of you. 

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