Gluten free for J

Gluten free. I’ve been reading articles and personal testimonies from parents about switching an autistic child to a gluten free diet. Some have seen great results. Increased language, better behaviors, happier kid. Others see no change and find the aggravation of the diet not worth it. The point of this is that what works for one autistic kid, works for one autistic kid. Like everything in life things don’t always work for everyone. However if you don’t at least try, you won’t know. 

I am not a from scratch cook. I like pancakes from a box, cake from a box, etc. So I initially found the whole idea very daunting. I DO NOT bake. So it was surprising to find out how much gluten free stuff is out there. J is a pretty picky eater. He pretty much sticks to the same 30 things. I thought it was going to be harder to switch him over. It hasn’t been. Slowly as he has finished certain brands, I have switched him to the gluten free version. He either hasn’t noticed or doesn’t care. WIN!!

Switching a diet is not easy. Even if you’re an adult, you find it hard. Imagine you’re 4.5 and very picky. Down to color and texture picky. Special diets seem impossible. My hope with this change is that it will be good for him. That he will benefit greatly from it. That my creative hard work in getting multivitamins and food in him will be worth. I hope so. I’ll report back on how it’s going when I’ve got him completely switched. Wish me luck. 

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