Being there

Some days you just need someone to make you laugh. Someone to check in. Maybe to need you. To take time out of their day to acknowledge you in some way. Sometimes it’s hard for me to stop. To listen. I have so much going on. Life is crazy. It doesn’t stop. I sometimes lose sight of those that need me. That need me to listen. To pick up the phone and have a conversation. To acknowledge them. To support them. Oftentimes I realize I need to call and I tell myself to call and then I don’t. For one reason or another, I don’t. I get very wrapped up in all the extras, that I’m selfish about my quiet time. My brief moment of peace. I forget that someone may need me to lend an ear. To take five minutes and see them.  I apologize if you have felt forgotten. I cherish the people who have stuck around as one thing after another as sort of landed on our family. Know that you’re appreciated and loved. I’m in all these Facebook groups and some of the stories are heartbreaking and I realize I have surrounded myself with the best people. Those who are available in person and those I can reach out to by phone. 

It’s so important that you have people you can depend on. Life is hard enough and then adding in the extras like J and E have, really show you how important it is. I know that even when my life is crazy and I forget to call or call back, that I will be forgiven. 

I just need to remember that I am not the only one who needs someone to listen to them. That my friendships and family are important and that as important as they are to me I am to them. 

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