Toilet training:Week one

It’s been a few days. E thought sleep was for whimps and frankly my brain could not organize thoughts at night. I usually write my blogs at night. During the day is too busy. So onward. 

J and the potty. We’re ending week one tomorrow. He’s been living at the clinic from 8:45-3:30. We’ve had some good days and not so good days. We’ve had accidents, a lot of those and some voiding in the toilet. I didn’t think he would get it the first week. Toilet trading someone who is autistic is not as easy as someone who is typical. They require longer to come to the same conclusion. But J is smart. We know he’s smart. He knows he’s smart. We had high expectations for him. His BCBA Miss J, was exceptionally discouraged because she really anted him to succeed. It took one of the RBT’s Miss S to remind her that he’s doing well and that it took her son 2 weeks before he started to get it. These are amazing women who J has the privilege of working with. They genuinely care about him. Want to see him grow and learn. I would not have attempted this without them and as it stands they’re doing all the hard work. 

I never expected this to be easy. Like everything with J, it takes time. He’ll get there, it just won’t be by the straight path. I don’t know if people realize how much planning and organizing go into just toilet training him. Miss J had to write programs and data sheets to track everything. This is just as important as teaching him academics. This is a life skil. This was not undertaken lightly. I know we’ll get there. It would be wonderful to have 2 of my 3 out of diapers. A is interested sort of. I may tackle her when J starts his ESY. 

Go big or go home. Right? 

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