Family Fun

Today we went on a family trip to the basketball hall of fame. It’s something my husband has been wanting to do for a while. We don’t live far so we decided to go. We don’t do trips lightly these days. So much goes into them. Double stroller, ergo for baby, diapers for 3 kids (J is still training and I wouldn’t do a trip in underwear yet), 2 sets of extra clothes ( yes this is necessary), in fact we went through an extra pair for A. I have to bring snacks and water and above all else the iPad. We don’t travel without and J knows when he gets it. He’s not allowed to have it at home, only when we’re out for long periods. It’s a special treat and he knows and expects it. 

We were lucky for this excursion to have an extra set of hands in my sister. The ratio was good. One adult to one kid. Those are better odds. 

E slept in the carrier on me the whole time, A walked around touching things, cause that’s what she does and J rode. He’s not a walker. He’s. It real coordinated so he tends to trip and fall a lot. Part is from his fragile x and the other is him not paying attention. He’s very unaware of where he is in space. I know he’s observing. Taking everything in, but what his brain can do his body does not always respond. I like taking him out to places like this. I never know what will spark his interest. He’s such a bright boy and want him to be able to do and go like his sisters. Just because it’s harder does not mean he doesn’t deserve the same things. 

When we hit the ground floor of the museum they had basketballs and hoops for you to play with. A saw this the moment we walked in and that was her sole focus. When we got to the court J got so excited. He got out of the stroller and was jumping around with his iPad. He looked so cute and engaged. He didn’t want to play with basketballs, only to be involved and around everyone else. I love seeing this. It tells me that he sees. That he’s engaged in those around him. He just wanted to be there in the middle of all the action. I don’t blame him. He sits on the sidelines enough in life because he just cannot do some of things others can do. I don’t care that he didn’t want to play, I’m just grateful he wanted to be involved. So often all he does when we’re out is stare at the iPad. He’s very detached from what we’re doing, but today, today he was with us. ❤️❤️

I would do things like this every day if I got a reaction like that from him. I know A has no problems loving things and being involved. She wants to be involved all the time. She’s easy to take out and do stuff with. I always want to be sure that J feels included. That we’re not doing things without him because we don’t want to take him out. I want him to experience everything the other two get too. Because he is just as important. Even if he doesn’t enjoy it the way we do, I know he’s with us. 

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