Well that was fun

I feel like as a parent we spread ourselves thin. So many things going on at the same time. Some days it feel like I’m 13 steps behind and I can’t catch up. What happens on days like that? You basically throw your hands up and say “F***k it”. Today was one of those days. 

A wants to watch a different movie 10 seconds after starting the one she asked for and then proceeds to go through every cartoon name she knows. J had an accident. The #2 kind and sonhe lost his leap pad privilege. He has a tendency to get caught up in and doesn’t ask to go potty. He just keeps going. Everytime he asks for it I tell him that if he has an accident he doesn’t get to play with it. A is now asking for snacks. J is upset because I keep telling him no. E is getting impatient cause she wants to eat and she’s tired. And now everyone is crying.

 I mean come on. 

A is crying cause I won’t change the channel or give her a snack, it’s 9:30 in the morning and we just had breakfast. J is crying cause he still wants the leap pad and I keep saying no. Now he’s crying harder cause A is still crying. All of this before noon. A never ending loop. And then I get peed on. Not by the baby, but J. He’s sitting in my lap and we’re counting to 10 cause he likes numbers and it calms him down. He doesn’t get up, he doesn’t get me up, he just sits there and pees on me. Now we change clothes. 

Finally it’s close enough for lunch and they sit and eat. It’s quiet. Everyone is eating. And now naps. Because whether the sleep or not. E needs quiet and so do I. 

A takes a nap. J doesn’t. He’s not napping much anymore. Donnie we have quiet time upstairs. He talks to himself and rolls around. He’s not crying so it’s all good. E hasn’t napped well the last few days. Only power naps. This is not going over well for anyone. It makes her cranky. She cannot sleep with noise level the two older ones bring. She has not embraced her third child status. 

I ended today with a walk wearing E cause she didn’t nap today. She sleeps in the ergo. So we walked. I get some exercise and she gets a nap. Win win! She can’t do this forever. It’s not practical. But today is ok. It gets me moving and makes her sleep. I’m definitely ready for some sleep and a new day. 

Bring it on. 

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