Working at home, away from home, always working 

Let’s just put it out there right now. Stay at home parents are the most underpaid people in the workforce. They do the job of like 10 people. Many will say “well you chose to have kids”. True. But so did your parents. I read somewhere that if you broke down what a stay at home parent actually does. What job titles they would hold they should be making like $75k-$100k a year. Insane right? If you think about it they’re bookkeepers, housekeepers, taxi service, childcare provider, chef, tutor, etc. it’s really quite crazy to think about. 

I came from a household with two parents working full time. We had babysitters and after school programs. There needed to be 2 incomes. Sometimes you do not get the luxury of being home with your kids as a stay at home parent. I am fortunate enough to be in a position where I can be at home. Having extra awesome children like mine, I cannot have a “paid” job part time or otherwise. There are too many doctors appointments and therapy appointments. J had to be picked up early because he threw up. 8 out of 10 times he’s gaged cause he didn’t like the taste or texture or even visual of something. Not because he’s actually sick but policy states he has to come home. 
I admire the homeschooling parents.  That’s twice the work of normal parenthood cause now you are both teacher and parent. I am not a homeschooling parent. If I had to be I’m sure I could but I don’t want to. I do have the patience for it. I love my children and myself enough to know that I cannot. Besides, J has so much more he needs that I am not qualified to give him. I can be a support not a primary. A and I would kill each other. She is my mini me. She is social and needs school. She needs to be involved. If it was just her and I all day, we would drive each other crazy. 

So back to the beginning. Stay at home parents are greatly under appreciated. I do not want to be a full time stay at home parent. I miss having a job. I miss having something that is just mine. I miss having time away. Time to regroup. Time to breathe. Just time away. Parenting is a 24hr/7day:365year thing. Whether you work outside the home or in it, it’s still a job. I love my kids and family about to admit, that parenting is not the only job I want. 

Eventually the goal is to become a physical therapist. I want to go back to school. To learn. I miss school. That process is going to take me the better part of 10 years because I cannot go back right now. I have to wait until the kids are in school to get the time to dedicate to school. I can take some classes online but not everything. So where am I going with all of this? I recently put my hand in the plexus pie. I decided to join the selling aspect since I was already doing the buying aspect. I sell because I truly believe it’s an amazing set of products. I sell because I can do it from home. On my time. Around my kids doctors appointments and therapy appointments. Because I have the opportunity to make a little money at it and at the very least, pay for the products I’m already buying. They’ve made a world of difference and I wouldn’t have opted to sell if I didn’t believe in them wholeheartedly. I know that right now I need to be home. It’s where I’m needed. And I do not begrudge my kids or my husband. I’m glad that I have this time. Very glad. I like that I’m able to have this time before they get big. But if I can do something that is mine, just mine. Even part time. That would be amazing. 

I want so much to be successful. This home based job. This social media networking. This sharing of a great health journey is such a learning experience. Such a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow as a person. To contribute possibly financially but most of all an investment in my families health. I’m so excited to see where it all goes. To get paid for being a stay at home parent. Pretty cool. 

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