10 reasons…I love being a mom

10. They’re weird. It’s even better when they’re your kids and they’re weird like you. They are literally your mini me. 

9. Their laugh. When your child laughs for whatever reason it literally washes away everything. You can’t help but get caught up in it. Even if you were mad 10 seconds before. 

8. They’re funny. It’s free entertainment. Well not free exactly. Having kids is gonna cost you a lot over time. But they’re still funny. They do things that are absolutely hilarious. They’re don’t even realize they’re funny. It you do as a parent. 

7. Their attitude. A is me. She is sassy and bossy. Has the biggest attitude. It’s hilarious. My parents are laughing hysterically because karma smacked me in the face with her. Her tantrums are epic. I video them so I can show her when she’s older. 

6. They’re kind. When you see the rare moments when they are being genuinely kind to others. A likes to pat J on the back when he’s crying. J likes to give A his toys that he’s playing with when she’s crying. They can be kind. Even when you’re looking. 

5. Their stillness. When they are still. When they just sit and cuddle wth you. Even if it’s for 5 minutes. I love when J will just sit. He rarely does so it’s extra special. A is my cuddler. I love when they just sit with me and watch whatever cartoon is playing. Kids are rarely ever still. 

4. Their questions. This is extra special because J can not verbally speak and A is still working on it. You do not realize how wonderful a question is from your child until you have children who can’t ask them. I want to know what they’re thinking. I want them to ask. 

3. Their hugs. A will hug you. J will when you ask. When They come up and just give you a hug without prompting…it’s wonderful. 

2. Their personality. How each one is different. How every day is new and interesting because they’re in it. Because they challenge you. Because who they will become is still a mystery and you get to be a part of the journey.

And the number 1 reason I love being a mom. 

1. They’re mine. I wanted them. They were given to me. These unique individuals who are like no other in the world belong to me. I am grateful every day that I was blessed to be their mom. No matter how challenging they are or how exhausted I am. At the end of it all I’m a mom because of them. 

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