Sleep take 2

Sleep. I talk a lot about sleep. My children do not like sleep. Especially as babies. My current battle is with E. I don't know if she feels like the worst sleeper because I have schedules with the older ones now, or if she really is the worst. She doesn't nap during the day unless it's quiet. She won't nap upstairs but she won't nap downstairs. She'll sleep in her car seat in the car when it's moving but I can't leave every time she wants to nap. She's cranky around 9 am but if I'm lucky will only power nap. A is too noisy and if I move her somewhere she wakes up. She's suppose to be sleeping 18 hours a day. Yeah. About that. I'm lucky if she's pulling in 10 hours of broken sleep. I could handle the 4 hour night chunks. Heck, I could handle 3 hour chunks. What I can't handle after a while is 1-2 hour chunks. It's exhausting. I'm exhausted. She's exhausted. I'm not sure if it's a cf thing as this is my first time with cf, or if it's cause my children don't like sleep, or a combination of both. Or maybe because she's super gassy. Possibly it's the teething. Quite frankly it's all of the above I think. I keep hoping it gets better.

She needs to sleep and so do I. We're both running on half empty most days. I know she can do it. We had 2 glorious days of 6 hour chunks. It was wonderful. I need her to be a good sleeper. She's not the first child she's the third. She does not have the luxury of me holding her every minute. I'd love to see her nap. I need her to nap. I cannot stress how much I NEED her to nap. She's not consistent with that either. I think we've entered a state of perpetual over tiredness that she can't catch up on.

Out of necessity, each of my kids has slept in the same room as me for the first year. I don't mind except they don't sleep well. A slept so much better when she got her own room. It was amazing. J and I are still working on that but his sleep has vastly improved too. Even if we had the space, E would still be sharing our room. She's still young and breastfeeding so it's easier for both of us that she's in our room. But while we're still here the girls are gonna have to share a room and I don't want E disrupting A's sleep. She's my sleeper. She needs to stay being my sleeper. I need one.

I know like everything with kids, it's a phase. It will pass. But please, please, let this get better soon.

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