10 things my children have taught me

10. You can laugh every day. Who knew? My children constantly do things that are funny. I'm guaranteed to laugh a few minutes every day because of them and sometimes all you need is a few minutes.

9. You can love someone unconditionally but not like them. A is in the phase where she tests my very limits every day. I usually want to lock her or myself in a closet. She makes me a better mom.

8. You can be very proud and horrified in the same breath. Every time they learn something I'm proud but not all the things they learn are safe. J really has no fear and A finds things inappropriately funny and continues to do them.

7. You have a well of patience you never knew you had. I am more patient now than I was before kids. I have also learned the power of counting to 10.

6. You learn to have questions for doctors you never thought to ask. Having kids who have specialists requires you to become somewhat of a specialist. To ask questions. That it's ok to disagree and ask for a second opinion. That they are your children and their wellbeing is all that matters.

5. You are no longer the smartest person in the room. My kids do things and I look at hem like they've grown two heads. How'd they learn that? Where'd they learn that? Google is my best friend when they mess with my phone.

4. You realize how old you are. You never feel more old than when your toddler is running circles around you. The first thing that pops in your head is "how can I bottle that and make millions"?

3. You learn that it's ok to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes there is a lot going on. You are entitled to it. You cannot be super mom all the time. It's ok to be just plain mom. You are one person with two arms. My kids forget this sometimes and ignore the other parent in the household when they need something.

2. You cannot afford children. I relearn this every time I go grocery shopping. Forget when they're teenagers, my grocery bill is stupid high now.

1. I am the best mom to my kids. No one can tell me different. They're my kids. Not your kids. Mine. You don't know them. You don't know what they need. I do. I juggle therapy and doctors appointments. I juggle meltdowns and tantrums. Just because you see a child you think you're the expert for all children. Nope. They are my children.

Never judge someone you've seen for half a second. There's more behind a person then your first glance.

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