When your kids get sick: The first vs. third

I'm on child number 3. I like to think that I have a pretty good grasp on what's an emergency and what's a non emergency. Kids get sick. That does not mean it requires a doctor call and an er visit I will admit when I had J, I called the doctor for every little thing. First time parent. Duh. It's what you do. You don't know what you're doing. You can read every book and talk to all the people around you who have had kids, and none of that 100% prepares you for your child and how inadequate you feel. I understand now why your first one, gets the brunt of all your shortcomings so to speak. You're learning how to parent on them and any subsequent children you have benefit from that.

J wasn't a sickly baby. He got teething colds like clockwork when he was about to cut teeth and every few months or so got a cold, but otherwise he was a pretty healthy baby. Same with A. There have not been a lot of er visits for weird illnesses or high fevers. E hasn't been real sick either. She's currently battling her first cold at 4 months. But I find I'm reverting back to my first child parenting mindset. E has cystic fibrosis and things that I would normally know how to treat at home with the other two I find I cannot apply to her. I'm second guessing if I'm making the right decision and I email her pulminologist with questions and concerns regularly. I second guess what I think is normal and no big deal because of her cf diagnosis. I am constantly worrying more. I want her to enjoy everything her siblings did but wrap her in a bubble so she never gets sick. It's a hard balance to find. She doesn't even have the more severe version of her disease. I can't even imagine what those parents go through.

Illness for each of my kids looks different. J won't take meds. Any meds. When he needs an antibiotic it has to be a penicillin shot and when I have to give him Tylenol for a fever it has to be a suppository. Not fun. A takes everything. She's easy. I hate to say it, but if one of the kids gets sick, she's the easiest one. E will take stuff cause she's a baby, but if she gets sticky it's scarier. I'm not sure what it looks like or what it'll turn into.

No one likes sick kids. It's sad. They're sad. But illness in our house looks very different depending on which kid gets sick. I'm always hoping it doesn't jump when one gets sick.

Healthy days.

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