Tonight I made lasagna. This may seem trivial and uninteresting but it isn’t. J ate it. I mean he ate 3/4 of piece and helped with a second. This is HUGE!! J is picky. Really picky. The list of things he will eat is far shorter than the one of things he won’t. What’s even more is that I put spinach in the ricotta mixture. Not only did he eat what we were eating but he enjoyed it and it had a vegetable hidden in there. I was so convinced he wouldn’t eat it that I made him his usual hot dog. He ate that too.

If you know anything about autism, it’s that they tend to be very picky eaters. It is hard to get them to try new things. I want him to try things but I also don’t want to set off his gag reflex. It’s super sensitive. He wanted a bite of the lasagna and then another and another. Big step forward.

As an autism parent we celebrate the little things because in our world they are huge.

Today he ate lasagna.

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