As Elsa says “let it go”

Some days are hard. They’re just hard because. Sometimes it’s not one particular thing. Other days one big thing. On those days, you just have to take moments. Little snippets of time where you collect yourself. It seems that on those days whatever exhaustion you feel catches up with you. Like you’re moving in slow motion. You can’t quite keep up with the things going on.

My life is busy. Every day there is something going on. I realize that this isn’t special. Most families have a lot going on. But my busy consists of doctors appointments and therapy. A schedule that requires me to stay on top of every day. Things I cannot cancel because I’m tired or stressed or upset. They just have to happen. Not every day is a hard day. In fact most days it’s a roll with it kind of vibe. Multitasking is easy. I can listen to someone else’s life and be active in mine. I find that my roll with each day attitude is what gets me through. Each day is just that. Each day. I tackle one day at a time.

I admit I’m stressed probably 90% of the time. There’s a lot going on. A normal person would be stressed. It’s amazing how much your stress multiplies when you have kids screaming and whining about, I have no idea what. It’s like they know you’re having “a day” and they decide that they want to make it a “good” one. I don’t delve deep into my days when people ask. Most of the time there is nothing to say, but sometimes there is a lot and I don’t wan to add to anybody else’s days.

When you have 3 kids with 3 different levels of need, some of it more, it makes me wonder how I stay afloat. You literally have no time for yourself to decompress. To breathe. I mean they don’t let you go to the bathroom alone. You don’t even get that.

This is not me complaining. Complaining is useless and does nothing. This is me releasing crap into the ethos and letting it go. It does nothing for me to hold on to the bad shit. To repeat myself. To constantly go in circles with no resolution. That helps no one. Accomplishes nothing. At the end of the day, ask yourself. Can I breathe? Was there one thing that made me smile today? Am I surrounded by the people I consider family?

No matter what:

Tomorrow is a new day. Fresh, with no mistakes in it. ~Anne of green gables

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