Busy fun

It’s been a while. Life is busy. Family came and visited so we were non stop for a while. I didn’t alter J’s schedule too much. He wouldn’t have done well with that. We rely increasingly on the iPad when we travel or if his schedule is different in any way. He needs his structure. His routine. With that being said, I hate leaving him out but I also find it easier to do things without him.

I really hate that that is the case.

I include him as much as I can. I want to expose him to new things. Trying to see what clicks for him. I love seeing his face light up when that happens. He has a great smile.

Truth is though, it’s hard. He doesn’t like to walk long distances. He wants and expects his iPad when we are out. His interest level is not real high with his surroundings. He’s my indoor tech kid. He’d rather be inside with his stuff doing his own thing. This does not stop me from including him but it does make me mindful about what I take him to do. I want to make sure it’s something that will engage him so that the iPad is unnecessary. I feel incredibly guilty about leaving him out of things but I realize in the end that sometimes it’s best to keep him in his routine and do things without him.

A loves adventure. Loves new things. Loves to walk and explore. She is both easy to take out and incredibly trying. She is a threenager. THREENAGER. It’s a horrible stage where they have tantrums and scream when you tell them no. They do this in public. They don’t care that it’s a restaurant. They hear no and that’s it. It’s really pretty spectacular to behold. How fast her mood can change.

While family was here we did one thing has a whole group that was awesome. We took the kids to their first amusement park. This park is geared towards kids their age and size. It also has a Thomas the train that takes you around the park. A LOVED that. She loves Thomas. J and A both rode rides. It was the first time. J has no fear and I didn’t think he’d mind but it was awesome to see his smile when he rode that first ride. A, believe it or not, is my cautious one. I wasn’t sure about her. She was the one that wanted to ride on all of them. It was hard to determine who had more fun, my dad or my kids. It was a good day. J rode 4 rides before he was done. A would have gone on more but it was getting late into the afternoon and my cranky, no nap, threenager was emerging. They were good though. I look forward to the day when there are no more diapers, strollers or small child things to take with us. So much stuff!!

While we were waiting in line to take pictures with Thomas the train, we were behind a man and his son. His son had to be 18 maybe, but what struck me was that he was on his tip toes, leaning on his dad and then flapping his arms. All I could think was J. That was J in 15 years. My next thought was I hope he gets this excited when we go to another theme park. And he can tell me about it.

Gives me hope.

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