Today was one of “those” days

You know what I’m talking about.

One of those days that just needs to end so you can start fresh in the morning. All 3 of my kids lost their minds today. Lots of crying and irrational screaming. J didn’t want to use his ACC device to talk to us, instead he wanted to whole body communicate like he used too. With me guessing what he wanted. A screamed at me every time I told her no. Like “no you may not smush your sister”, “no you may not kick your brother”, and E just wanted to be held all day. Like I have time for that. Not to mention my husband had shoulder surgery on Thursday so he can’t do much in the way of help. He tries not to ask me for things but there is only so much you can do when you cannot use your dominant arm.

I am trying to find time for me. To do anything I want to do. Build my plexus business. Learn more about oils. Research cf and fragile x. Read a book. Connect with new and old people who understand my life. Talk to family. I’m finding these things increasingly difficult these days. Time. There is just not enough time.

E still does not want to sleep. She’s on acid reflux meds twice a day now. I’m hoping with everything in me that this helps. She needs sleep and so do I. It cannot be good for her to only be getting maybe 10 hours a day of broken sleep. I just want to sleep.

I joined a business building group for plexus. One of the things that was mentioned was talking to my family about time to build my business in plexus. My belief in it is slready there. But I want to really dig into the business aspect. To let them know how important it is to me. My husband understands. He wants me to be successful. J, A and E are 5ish, 3ish and 6 mo. They don’t understand. They are demanding of my time 25hrs a day, 8 days a week. J’s schedule alone takes up a lot of time. A is busy in her own right and wants all my attention and E is a baby. She wants all my attention too. If I’m lucky I get an hour at night, lying in my bed to do things on my phone, in the dark. What I should be doing is sleeping while E sleeps. And As I say that she’s fussing.

Tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully I can steal some minutes. For my sanity. Let’s go with that.

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