It’s been a while: Take 2

It’s been busy. Really busy. The kind of busy where you are essentially living each day in each minute in each second just to get through. I knew that would happen as we entered 2018.

We took a major trip to California from 2/14-3/8. J, A, E and I went to visit family. We were given a great opportunity and as much as I hate flying with small children, I’m glad we could go. My sister flew with me to help corral the kids as my husband could not go. I would not fly alone with my kids at this age. It’s too much. My two grandmothers and one grandfather got to meet E for the first time. They got to see how much A has changed and how big J has gotten. I treasure these trips because my grandparents aren’t getting younger and I want my kids to know and remember them. I had the privilege of knowing one of my great grandmothers until I was 19. I was very grateful.

Surprisingly when we travel the hardest one is E followed by A and then J. I don’t want to fly with babies anymore. Babies are hard. Mine don’t sleep on the plane. Keeping a baby entertained for 6-8 hours is terrible. A is ok as long as she has multiple forms of entertainment but she usually hits a wall in the last 2 hours. She gets squirrelly and doesn’t listen and wants to move. I don’t blame her. She’s 3, but being stuck on an airplane with her is not a fun time. And forget about using the bathroom. A refused to potty train right now. J is the easiest. As long as he has snacks, some water and an iPad, he’s good. You just have to tell him to use his inside voice and to not kick the seat in front of him. He gets loud when he gets excited and hyper extends his legs.

The only other downfall of traveling is the lack of routine. Towards the end of our trip you could tell the kids were out of whack. That they were having a hard time with the no routine. It’s the only part of vacations I don’t like.

Of course when we finally get home, we come home to snow day, after snow day, after snow day. 4 to be exact. Terrible. I’m very over snow. It’s March. Spring is official next week. I’m done with cold. Which brings me to the next thing.

We’re moving this July.

On to the next adventure. Augusta, Georgia. Warm weather. And bugs.

We’ve decided to buy a house. The end goal is to stay until Mr. J retires in 7 years. I’m excited to have space. Each kid having their own room. I do not want to share my room anymore. To have a backyard where I can send them out to play and have fun. I’m very ready to see what this next chapter brings. Now that we’re 4 months out I’m ready to go. To move on. I’m really gonna miss the friends I’ve made here. The few that I’ve collected into my inner circle. The ones who have helped shape my life here. They’re good people and you know who you are. The military gives you these tools to make friends, collect people and move from them, secure in the knowledge that you will still be friends. It’s a great skill and a sad one.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

Those of you in warm weather, I’m jealous.

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