What change looks like

We’re counting down days now until we move. I can not believe that in a few mo the we’ll be onto the next adventure. Change is fun but also very stressful. I’m a bit worried what this will look like for each of my kids.

We’ve made some many great friends and planted roots here. It’s the longest we’ve lived in one spot since we’ve had children.

When we moved to Boston, J was just over 2. We were only a year into early intervention when we left Texas. We didn’t have very much routine or set schedules. People came to the house, played with him and left. When we moved he woke up in the middle of the night, every night, for about 6 months screaming bloody murder like he was being killed. We didn’t know what to do. Or how to make it better. No one was sleeping. It was so hard. We couldn’t fix it. We had no idea what to fix. It slowly got better. He was screaming less and less but it took a long while. I feel like this was his only outlet for all the change that had happened. The only way his two year old brain could make sense of the change.

J will be 5.5 years old when we leave Boston. He’s been in the same preschool class, with the same therapists and teachers since he turned 3. He has also had the same ABA tutor and BCBA after school since he turned 3. The same speech pathologist. He has established relationships with these people. Established routines. There’s structure. He’s more in tune with what’s around him now. Like the lightbulb is shining brighter than when we got here. I am afraid how he is going to handle this move. How out of whack his routine is going to be. How hard it will be to establish his new routines. I know he will. I know he can, but that does not take away how hard it will be for him. How in some ways, he’s still that two year old little boy.

A was a baby. A very little baby. She was just 8 weeks when we moved here. This is the only home she’s ever known. She, more than J, has established friendships. She can tell you the name of every kid in her class. There are 15. She has grown so much since we’ve been here. She amazes me every day. We’ve told her we’re moving this year. Every day she wakes up saying “we’re gonna move to Georgia”. I’m glad she seems happy about it, hopefully she’ll roll with the change and stay happy. She’s a pretty happy child.

E was born here. Like A, this is all she’s ever known. She won’t even be a year and half when we move. She won’t remember any of this. Change will be easy for her.

Change looks so different for each of my kids and for different reasons. I hope that the transition goes smoother than what I’m envisioning. What I’m envisioning is something akin to a bomb detonating.

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