My boy J

J is five. He is 4ft tall and 56 pounds. He is not a small boy. Because of the fragile x, I’m pretty sure he’s made of the same stuff the stretch dolls were made of. I have never seen a person who can bend the way he does. The reason is low muscle tone. Fragile x makes it so that he has hyperflexible joints. He also has problems with recognizing where he is in his environment. He also toe walks. All these things create a very unsafe J. Sometimes my husband and I wonder how he hasn’t broken a bone yet. It can be very unnerving. A few summers ago, during his summer session while out for a walk, he tripped on a flat side walk and high fived the concrete with his head. Took 7 stitches to fix it. Safety is a constant concern with him.

He continues to get bigger, as kids do and at some point he will be bigger than me. He will more than likely be bigger than my husband. He’s extremely strong and I don’t think he realizes just how strong he is. He’s starting to become a bit more aggressive when he hears no or doesn’t get what he’s asking for immediately. It takes two people to do a lot of things with him now. I can’t even fathom in five years.

I try not to get a head of myself too much. It overwhelms me quickly when I start thinking about his future and what it’s going to be like. How he will be.

I have to be in each day. Enjoy each day with him. Celebrate each accomplishment he makes. He’s a very smart boy. He’s a very talented boy.

He’s gonna do great things.

2 thoughts on “My boy J

  1. Love J. Love you. That boy is an amazing intelligent little creature. Earning his affection is one of the most speical moments of my life. I’ll never forget when you and Jeff left and he did everything he could to clearly communicate with me and I totally understood what he wanted. Amazing amazing little boy.

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