To the Special Needs Parent

A great friend of mine asked me if I wanted to help contribute a blog about being a special needs parent. Obviously I agreed. 😄

To the Special Needs Parent:

When you’re up for the 3rd time in a night, each time with a different child.

When they ask you to come to an appointment without kids and you tell them “ok” and bring the kids anyway.

When you make 3 different meals because each child refuses to eat the same thing.

When the school has its own ringtone and you say “hello” in that tone that requires them to respond “everything is ok”.

When you’re on #5 in 6 months of a favorite toy, because your child loves them so much they break them.

When every child has an electronic device because you don’t know how to explain to your children under age 3 that their older sibling needs them.

When you can’t survive an outing without an electronic device.

When everything that makes noise in your house is on because they don’t like silence.

When they need to go to their room because there’s too much noise.

When for the 400th time today you’ve asked them not to put something in their mouth. And it’s not the baby you’re talking too.

When you try to ignore people staring at you because your oldest is in the stroller, and fail.

When they sign “more” perfectly for the first time and in context because they cannot speak.

When they hug you without asking.

When you go to the doctor and they tell you they haven’t cultured anything.

When you watch the same movie for the 60th time because they like the opening 45 seconds.

When you meet that one parent that just gets your life because they live it.

When you don’t want to take them somewhere because you know they won’t care, but you do just in case it might interest them.

When they do something you never thought they would do.

When you worry that your child will not be understood because they are just a little bit different.

When they do not realize they’re different and you love them for it.

When every excursion requires extra sets of clothing, diapers, chargers, blankets, toys etc. just to go to the store.

I get it.

I understand.

I do not judge.

When I smile at you while your child has a meltdown it’s in sympathy and true understanding.

I have been there.

You are not alone. Even if it feels like you are.

Know that I am here.

That I get it.

Life will always be challenging, frustrating, entertaining and rewarding all in the same day.

Hugs to you.

You got this.

You’re an exceptional parent.


:at the top of the page (because I’m still figuring this whole tech thing out), is a link to my dear friends blog. Check her out. She’s amazing:

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