People often tell me, “make sure you take time for yourself”, “you and your husband should have a date night”. I know that when people say these things they mean well. But I don’t think anyone truly realizes what it means to take time for yourself or as a couple with 3 kids ages 5, 3 and 1, who all have their own needs. Special needs. A level of understanding that is not “average”. Putting aside that these ages are hard to begin with, but adding a non verbal child, a threenager with a slight speech delay and sharing problems and a baby that has a medical condition that requires some extra cleanliness and understanding. It’s not easy to take time.

You cannot just leave your children in the care of a teenager. No matter how responsible. A date night requires someone who has children and understands the basics but can deal with and adapt to children who require more. It becomes this isolating place where you don’t trust anyone to understand your kids enough to be able to have the patience to “see” them. Not to mention the added cost of childcare to date night.

Time is a luxury. Time is precious.

The truest gift you can give someone is your time. Undivided. In this day and age it’s rare and very precious.

I know I need to spend some time for just me. I know I need to spend time with just my husband and me. I know I need to give time to my children so that they’re needs are met. And I know there are friends and family who need my time. Each person is deserving of that time.

Sometimes you just need more time in a day to accomplish everything. To be everywhere.

Time. Always time.

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