Some things I’ve learned being a parent

It’s been a while. We’ve been really busy. Not a lot of spare time to write down the happenings. But tonight as I sat still for a few minutes, I decided to write stuff down and what I decided to write was what I’ve learned being a parent.


1. Kids are the best. Except when they are being the worst.

2. I never truly thought karma existed until I heard my mom laughing hysterically.

3. I never knew how much strength I possessed until I was tested by a 2 year old in the store.

4. I truly never understood why people bought multiples of the same thing until I watched my 3 kids, fight over the same toy, surrounded by a hundred other toys.

5. The strongest parents I know never ask for help. And I know who they are because they’re helping others.

6. Mom friends are the best friends. They just get it.

7. You learn to parent a new way with each child. Whatever you learned raising #1, will never work for #2. And so on.

8. Mom becomes your least favorite word.

9. Special needs parents are super hero’s.

10. You learn to walk a tight rope in a circus you created.

11. Life is short.

12. There are a lot of tears. They cry. You cry. Everyone is crying. We should all by stock in Kleenex.

13. Road trips are not fun with the under 5 set.

14. Change is hard. Not every child enjoys change.

15. What happened yesterday should not affect what happens today.

16. The best moments are the precious ones where they’re all getting along and they’re quiet.

17. Noise on top of noise on top of noise.

18. Even when there is a door on the bathroom, there is no door.

19. Your food is better, even if it’s the same thing.

20. Parenting is hard. Remember to let them be little.

21. Surround yourself with only those who make you a better person. Then you’ll become a better parent.

22. Take 15 minutes every day to sit and just breathe.

23. Enjoy life.

24. Just say no. Hearing yes all the time is not realistic.

25. Everyone makes mistakes. You learn. You grow. But you never regret.

26. Befriend the parent who isn’t talking to anyone at drop off.

27. Collect your people. Build your tribe. Each person adds meaning and value to your life.

28. Learn something new every day. Teach your child something new every day.

29. Raise strong kids to defend themselves and others.

30. Be kind. Be patient. Be strong. Be human.

Just some thoughts. I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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