Self care and…stuff

So it’s been a while. A very long while. When I decided to start writing this blog, it was mainly for my own catharsis. A place to put the thoughts I could not put verbal words too. Some place where I could send my thoughts into the universe instead of them festering inside me.

Life has been busy and chaotic. Oftentimes I find it hard to just stop and breathe. To breathe just for me. It’s so hard to remember yourself amongst the chaos you are trying to manage.

And most days, I fail miserably.

Self care is hard. I understand the importance, but more often than not it is never a priority.

I am never without a child. I am never alone.

Finding and stealing those quiet moments where I can sit and just breathe. Breathe for me are extremely valuable. They are rare. And they are extremely necessary to the survival of my family.

I’ve begun to realize that if I am not taking time then everyone around me feels it.

It’s such a fine wire I walk between everything is good and balanced and everything is falling around me. And sometimes I lean more one way than the other.

Balance. Always looking for balance.

So what’s been going on…

J is 6. He is happy. He is thriving. He is the best version of himself. He’s doing well in his school. In ABA. He’s using more sign language to communicate. He uses his device. And yeah, he did a thing. He said “buh bye” clear as day with a hand wave in context. 😍😍😍😍

This was HUGE!!!

Usually what he makes are sounds. Sometimes approximations. But this was clear. He said a word.

For a parent of a nonverbal child, you have no idea what this means. This means he’s learning. He’s trying. He’s growing. I don’t know if he’ll ever be able to speak full sentences. If he doesn’t, that’s ok because he’s trying. He understands.

He participated in a special Olympic event. He participated without any major issues or meltdowns. He tried.

He tried.

We started him on medication to help with some behaviors and have seen positive changes.

He’s lost some teeth. Currently his top two are missing and it makes his smile that much brighter.

He amazes me every day.

A is so much fun. She finds joy in everything. She loves school. We’ve hit the stage where she’s fun to do things with. She’s independent and makes her own decisions.

She is so smart and when she learns stuff she never forgets. She’s like an elephant. 😁

She has really gotten into imaginative play and including her sister in it. She loves to be outside running around and swinging.

E is a handful. She’s out first “neurotypical” child. She learns fast and has an attitude doing it.

She loves playing with A and tries to do what she’s doing. She’s whip smart.

Her health has been great minus the ear infections that now require tubes.

She also eradicated MRSA on her own. Yay!

Overall we’ve been busy. Riding a roller coaster that never ends. Looking forward to see what the rest of 2019 has in store for us.

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